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The Mansion House

The history of The Mansion House began in 1902 when the mansion was built on Front Street, which is now Ludlow Street, to be used as a whiskey and beer manufacturing and bottling business. The bottling occured in the basement and the whiskey and beer was stored on the first floor. However, during the Prohibition years it was rumored that the basement was used as a speakeasy which had the "finest beer and whiskey available." Following Prohibition, the first floor was converted into a bar, which is still intact today. Rich in history, the building saw its way through the years with multiple owners and different business ventures. Including the restaurant that opened in 1980 and ran for two decades until it closed in 2008. There it sat, lonely and paitently waiting to tell stories of old. Until, the Fludgates purchsed the building and restored it to its original condition. So please, join us while we write the next chapter in this century old story.

The Fludgates also own Elk Lighting International.



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